Bill Zlupko
Jonas Brothers Taxidermy Studio
1850 Dogwood Street
Louisville, CO 80027


The head of my Asian ibex made it back to Manhattan and is now hanging on the wall of my office. Your folks did an exceptional job on the mount. As you recall, I was a museum taxidermist in Michigan for many years, and appreciate good taxidermy work. I have examined the ibex head carefully, and must state that I have seldom seen commercial taxidermy equal to what Jonas Brothers did on this mount. I judge the quality of the mount by how the eyelids, nostrils, and lips look. On this mount, the eyelids, eyebrows, and eyelashes are perfectly crafted, the nostrils most lifelike; and the lips nicely contoured.

Please pass my personal congratulations along to the person who mounted my ibex head. He (or she) did an absolutely magnificent job of breathing life into the mount.

I have a lecture trip scheduled to Russia this September, and I hope to include a 5-day hunt for a chamois while I’m there. If the hunt is successful, you will have another specimen to handle in the fall.
Thanks again for everything you did to assure that the ibex mount will rekindle fond memories of an enjoyable hunt for many years.

R.J. Robel
Professor of Environmental Biology
Kansas State University

Mr. Bill Zlupko, Manager
Jonas Bros. Taxidermy Studio
1850 Dogwood Street
Louisville, CO 80027

Dear Bill:

As you know, I have recently received the pedestial mount of the 10-pt. whitetail deer that my 14-year-old son, Brian, had taken in the Fall of 2006 and felt compelled to compose this letter.

In a world where it is becoming more and more difficult to find people who take pride in their work, you and the staff at Jonas Bros.
Taxidermy never cease to amaze me. Jonas Bros. is truly a top-notch company with a dedicated staff of the uptmost integrity who take immense pride in their work.

I was a custom home builder by trade (3rd generation of home
builders) and since 1994 have been installing custom marble and tile in my own business, so I have an eye for detail and demand perfection in every job I undertake. Many clients have even called me an artist after finishing a job for them (an artist ... who knows). What I do know is that I look for perfection on all aspects of my life, professional and personal (which is sometimes a curse!).

After 15 years of sending my most prized trophies to Jonas Bros.
Taxidermy, the workmanship coming from your studio still astounds me!
Jonas Bros. never lets me down, which is impossible for me to say about any other company I have ever dealt with before. From the Office Staff who answers the phone, to your artists (taxidermists) who process and prepare the animal, right down to the staff who crates the trophy for delivery, everyone is purely professional, courteous, and takes great pride in every piece that leaves the studio. Everyone I have come in contact with at Jonas Bros. is first class! And that includes you, Bill.

As I look at this pedestal mount, I am amazed at your ability to bring this animal back to life. Every detail, from continuity to muscle structure to positioning and even the habitat that surrounds him allows me to remember that day bow hunting with my son as if it were hours ago. I sit in the family room and look at the full size black bear (mounted by Jonas over 15 years ago), the two antelope that my son and I shot in New Mexico in 2005 (also mounted by your exceptional staff), and this pedestal whitetail deer and can remember every wonderful detail of each of those hunts because the taxidermy work is so exceptional. These memories and the mounts will last for generations.

The full size black bear looks as good as it did when I received it over 15 years ago. That’s the thing with dealing with you and the staff at Jonas, I can send my animals to you, discuss how I or my son took the animal, and then leave the rest up to you. Trust me. I worry about everything in life, but I truly don’t worry about sending my trophies to Jonas Bros.

In closing, I need to say a special thank you to you, Bill, for working so closely and patiently with me in preparing this and the other mounts. You never fail to promptly return phone calls and even e- mails from me or my wife. You and the staff at Jonas Bros. Taxidermy are truly first class all the way!


Gienn Ferrera
Lodi, NJ

Fellow Hunters:

In the past 31 years, I have harvested over 200 animals around the world. I have had every one of these trophies artistically prepared by Jonas Bros. Taxidermy Studio of Louisville, Colorado. The quality of the work is the highest standard and is second to none. They are the true innovators of artistically preparing animals in a lifelike appearance.

Through the years I have developed an admirable relationship with the extremely friendly Jonas Bros. Staff. They are a wonderful group of people that are not only knowledgeable, but ownership and management are committed to providing their customers with the highest quality products and service at the most reasonable prices.

Additionally, as all of us trophy hunters will agree, turnaround time of our trophy-hunting memories is critical. It has been my personal experience to witness a turnaround time of six months of less on all of my trophy mounts. I would not consider allowing any other wildlife studio to preserve my hunting memories. In my opinion, Jonas Brothers Taxidermy Studio, and their creative work, represent the finest in wildlife artistry.


Marvin D. Hill Sr.
Hill Ford Sales, Inc.
Champaign, Illinois


Mr. Bill Zlupko, Manager
Jonas Brothers Taxidermy Studio
1850 Dogwood Street
Louisville, CO 80027

Dear Bill,

As I sit here tonight in my greatroom trying to relax at the end of a very full week, I just glanced up and realized I am surrounded by some of the most meaningful memories of my 50-plus years of hunting, and I just had to drop you a line to say thanks.

On the wall across the room to the left, there flies a magnificent Merriam’s turkey, wings spread, head out, face frowning and tail fanned wide, exactly as he has flown since the day he first arrived at my home years ago from your studio.

I look to the right across the dining room, and there is an absolutely stunning bull elk, the dream of a lifetime, peering cautiously off into the distance with the same intensity he had just moments before he fell to my rifle less than six months ago at daylight in New Mexico.

The story of that elk hunt just appeared in Sporting Classics Magazine, more than a month AFTER the shoulder mount arrived here from your studio. And what a magnificent mount it is . . . I could swear that old bull's nose just twitched, and I still expect him to turn his head in my direction at any moment.

There are other exquisite examples of your work along the walls of my home and office, and every time I touch them or look at them, it is as though they are looking back at me, they are so well done and lifelike. But then I would have never expected anything less from the most highly respected taxidermy studio in the world.

And I assure you, you have always exceeded even my highest hopes and expectations.

I have known about the legendary Jonas Brothers since I was a little kid reading about you and your work in the hunting and fishing magazines that came every month or so and dreaming about the hunts I would like to do someday. And now with your artistry having become such an integral part of my life, it is truly the fulfillment of many of those childhood dreams.

I am very thankful I never settled for anything less than the best to honor these noble creatures. For these true "Works of Art" that you and the staff at Jonas Brothers have created will continue to grace my life for as long as I live, and quite likely the lives of generations to follow.

With my greatest appreciation,

Michael Altizer


I want to thank you for an excellent job on the elk. More so for your courtesy and taking time out of your busy day Friday to show me Chris’s horns and take care of the plaque.

I understand the rigors of running a large operation and for you and your staff to go that extra step is not only appreciated but a rarity in today’s corporate world.

All of your employees are very considerate too which to me is a direct reflection to the boss.

The Elk is hanging in the Gander Mountain Store in Kalamazoo for all to see. It has to for now until I get a bigger house.

I have several hunting friends and you will be the first place I recommend when someone needs a taxidermist.

Congratulations on the Bear. It is awesome. I will make sure I stop in sometime to see him.

Again thank you.

Bill Keough
Keough Hackles LLC